Add the ShapeSpark element

  1. Right-click on an element
  2. In the Context menu, click Add Element Below.
  3. Go down to Embed.
  4. Choose ShapeSpark.

The element is added but it is currently empty. You now need to get the username and room name from ShapeSpark.

Get the username and scene name from ShapeSpark

  1. Login to your ShapeSpark account.
  2. Open your previously uploaded scene.
  3. Copy your scene URL, it looks like this:

1. Stands for your username; 2. Stands for the scene name. In this particular example, the username would be portfoliobox, and scene name would be demo-room

Paste the username and scene name into your Portfoliobox site

  1. Click the pen icon next to the element.
  2. Choose Change content.
  3. Paste your username into the 1st field.
  4. Paste your scene name into the 2nd field.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Change the size, margin and position.