APRIL 2021
StylesNew: color picker now saves the most recent colors automatically (black, white and transparent are fixed). 
StoreThe cart icon was removed from the menu. It is now visible above the menu. It can be styled like other elements.
Mobile menuNews styles for mobile hamburger
MenuHidden menu: You can now choose how the hidden menu displays: cover, left or right. Edit Menu → Size, Margins & Positions.
Menu New position for all menu: choose between default or fixed. Edit Menu → Size, Margins & Positions.
Template6 New menu templates in the hidden category.
Mobile StylesNew: Mobile Styles. Default styles for mobile elements, menu Icon position & color, and number of images in Galleries.

MARCH 2021
Store and Blog  Shop and blog have been moved from separate pages to normal pages. That means that you can now create products from Create page  → Products. Just like any other pages. Please watch this video to learn more.
ImagesYou can now edit the image description using its own Text Editor.
Link SelectorThe link-selector now have links to your Products.
Social Media IconsNew Social media icons were implemented. Icons have been updated so that we easily can add new icons. Just get in touch with us if the icon you're looking for is missing. Note: The square icon type is no longer available.
WidgetBuyMeACoffee, SketchFab, ShapeSpark, PayPal Donate were added in Add New Element options.
StylesPossibility to edit sizes with input.

Store TeaserStore Teaser has been added to Add Page options and it was renamed as "Products"

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics 4 properties now use Measurement ID (G-XXXXX) instead of a Tracking ID (UA-XXXXXXX). Both ID now work in the admin panel.

4 new Product templates: Dynamic grid, Golden Ratio, Square Ratio and Portrait. These product templates include a lightbox.

FontNew font: Fanwood Text.

StoreA simple footer can be added to the store in the Store settings.
StoreImages can be added into the Product description and Store description.
StoreShare buttons on Product page can be removed.
StoreImage size and margins can be edited in the product page.

WidgetGoogle Slides & Speaker Deck are implemented.
StartpageStore and Blog can be set as your startpage.
StoreProduct Category UX is simplified. You can select categories that are already created in the store settings. Read more
StoreNew Print button available at checkout. Your customer can choose to print their order.
FontNew font: Lexend Dace

TextFont weight includes "Lighter". NB! Not available for all fonts.
TemplateNew gallery templates: Skewed, Side to side, Zig Zag and Vertical 2. These templates allow the image description to display in the gallery and not just in the lightbox.
FontNew fonts: Syncopate, Italiana, Aldrich Font, Actor and Electrolize.
GeneralNew position for description in lightbox: Right, Bottom2, None.
GeneralNew social media icons: Map, Steam, Phone, RSS, Reddit.
GeneralDuplicating sections is released.

FontNew fonts: Museo Moderno,Didact Gothic, Share Tech Mono, Jura, Sorts Mill Goudy and Bungee Shade.
ImageImage quality improved for large screens and large image size.
E-shopNew Product View template is released: Side to Side.
TemplateNew template for Lightbox is released.

WidgetKuula 360° is implemented.
WidgetGoogle Maps is implemented.
GeneralForm builder is updated with Options (multi select).
E-shopPaypal payment is implemented in e-shop.
BlogImage description is added to blog vertical template.
BlogLightbox is added to the blog template Thumbs.
Client galleryClient galleries sorting option is implemented.
E-shopEmail message to customers after checkout is implemented in the e-shop. Can be found under 
Store → General settings.

StylesRemove Styles for Headers and Text is implemented.
BlogImage button is added in the blog text editor.

JUNE 2020
FontNew fonts: Imprima and Lova Ya Like a Sister.
Template2 new blog teasers templates: Two One and Dynamic Grid.
Template2 new menu templates: Left 3 and Centered 3.
TemplateNew cover template: Cover 8.
E-shopInventory tracking is implemented in e-shop.
WidgetGoogle calendar is implemented.
ImageLightroom plugin is implemented.

MAY 2020
Client galleryLightbox is implemented in Client Galleries.
UpgradePre validation of the VAT number upon payment.