Open the Store Settings

To fill in the general store settings, you first need to open the store settings:

  1. Click Settings at the top right corner of the admin panel
  2. Choose General Settings in the dropdown.

General Settings

Add the general store settings to the fields in the store editor.

URL & Add to Menu

You can edit the URL of your store. Fill in the new URL, click Change URL and confirm the change. You can also add or remove the store from your main menu.


Set the currency of your store. Choose your currency in the dropdown menu. If the currency you would like to use is missing, please get in touch with our support team at You also need to set up a payment method.

Add a simple footer to your store.

Share Buttons

Set up share buttons for your store. The buttons will display on each product.

Store Categories

Set up categories for your product. The categories are used to sort products in your store. Learn more about Categories and Label.

Seo settings

This allows you to set a title and description for your store that will be visible in search engines results. We suggest that you include your main keywords in the title and the description.

Share image

Upload an image that will display when your product is shared on social media. The minimum size is 1200x630px and the ratio should be close to 1.91:1.

Return Policy & General Terms

Use these two fields to write your own Return Policy and General Terms. 

Confirmation email

Use this field to write the confirmation email your customer will receive after a purchase.

Unpublish / Publish

You can hide a product from your store by unpublishing it. Click on Unpublish and confirm. You can publish it again by clicking on Publish. You can also delete a product in the product list.