Open the Product Settings

To fill in the general product settings, you first need to open the product settings:

  1. Click Your libraries at the top left corner of the admin panel.
  2. Click Products.
  3. In the product list, click on Edit next to the product you want to edit. The product dialogue is now open and you can see the details of the product (Title, Description, Price, etc.)
  4. Click Product settings at the top right corner of the dialogue window to and choose General Settings.

Fill in the General Settings

Fill in general product settings to the fields in the product editor.


You can edit the URL of a product. Fill in the new URL, click Change URL and confirm the change.

Release date

By default the release date is the date you create the product. If you want to save your product without publishing it, you can set a release date to your product. This allows you to work on your products before your launch them. If you add a date in the future, your product will not be published on your site until then.


Categories are ways to organize your products.

Categories are undefined and free for you to set. For example, if you sell jewelry, you can set the following categories: Necklace, Armband, Ring and Earrings. 


Set a discount in percentage on a specific product. The price displayed in your shop is the discounted price.


Click the switch to enable inventory tracking and add the number of product available. 

Tax option

Click this switch for the products that are exempt from sales tax.

Seo settings

This allows you to set a title and description that will be visible in search result in search engines. We suggest you include your main keywords in the title and the description.

Unpublish / Publish

You can hide a product from your store by unpublishing it. Click on Unpublish and confirm. You can publish it again by clicking on Publish. You can also delete a product in the product list.