Understanding the different types of discount

When creating a discount for your store you will need to choose a discount rule and a discount type.

The rules:

  • Discount code
  • Order value
  • Number of items

The discount types:

  • Cheapest item free
  • Percent
  • Fixed Value
  • Free shipping

You can combine rules with types to create discounts like:

  • Buy 3, pay for 2
  • Get $10 OFF on orders above $100
  • Get 20% off with code “EASTER”
  • Free shipping for orders above $50

Open the Store Settings

  • Click on Settings at the top right corner of the admin panel
  • Click on Store Settings.
  • Choose Discount Codes, in the dropdown menu.

Set up a discount code for your store

  1. Click on Add New Discount Code.
  2. Fill in the fields:
    • Title: Name your campaign.
    • Discount rule: discount code, order value or number of items.
    • Discount code/Limit/Number of items: set a condition.
    • Discount type:  cheapest item free, Percent, Fixed Value, Free shipping.
    • Start date: date your customer can start using the code.
    • End date: date the code expires.