Google Search Console is a free service that helps you monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your site's presence in Google Search results. It will help your site get indexed. 

You first need to Sign up for Search Console. The second step is to Add and verify the ownership of your site. This can be done in several ways: via HTML tag (Meta Tag verification) or via DNS record.

Meta Tag Verification

Note! This is for you who ordered a free domain or a premium domain via Portfoliobox. If you ordered and configured your own domain name, please refer to the section DNS record below.

A meta verification snippet is a meta tag used for verifying that you are the owner of a website. By adding the meta verification snippet in the correct location, Google Search Console will be able to detect the snippet and confirm the website ownership.

Step 1 - In your Google Search Console account

  • Click on Add property.
  • Choose URL prefix.
  • Fill in your site URL and click Continue.
  • Choose HTML tag as a verification method and copy the code.
    It will look like this: <meta name="google-site-verification" content="5AWPiBtJkWRIXBj-30M5dSMYhlB9sM4KmCdHwu4XKkU" />

Step 2 - In your Portfoliobox admin panel

  • Go to Settings → Website Settings → Meta verification.
  • Paste the HTML tag as follow and click Save Meta Tag.

Step 3 - Back to your Google Search Console

  • Go back to your Google Search Console.
  • Click verify.

It is recommended to keep the meta verification snippet in your admin panel even though the verification process is complete.

DNS record

Note! This is only possible if you bought and configured your own domain name.

  • Add the property in Google Search Console.
  • Choose Domain
  • Fill in your domain and click Continue.
  • Copy the TXT record.
  • Sign in to your domain name provider and configure the TXT record into the DNS settings for your domain name.
  • Click Verify in Google Search Console.