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New Customer - Pretty Unhappy So Far

I see there was an upgrade in 2020.  Most of the articles in the Help database that I'm finding are dated 2019, so in the Help Files NOTHING looks the way it does on my UI, hence NONE of the articles are helpful.  I'm struggling to do even the most basic things.  I came here from Format, prior to that I used Clickbooq, and my blog is a WordPress . org site.  Putting a site together is not beyond me, I just need good directions.  I've been so so frustrated.

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We are very for the confusion. I understand where you are coming from. I think you might be looking at the articles for the Portfoliobox 3 version instead of version 4. When you go to our "learn & support" page, there are two options available below. You can choose which version of knowledge base articles you would like to check. Please choose the version 4 option since your account is created in the new version or you can also use this link to go to version 4 knowledge base directly -

I hope this helps! Enjoy your day! 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)

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