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Social Sharing of Blog Posts

Is it possible to share my blog posts on social media? I'd like to be able to write my blog and then use it to drive my audience to my website. Is this possible?

Another and separate question: Is there a way of creating a mailing list? I'd like to create some marketing for my site. Capturing email addresses of visitors. Can I do this somehow?  

Sorry... I'm new to the platform. Really love my website, though!

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No worries! You can either click the social media icons at the bottom of your blog post or you can use the exact URL of your blog post to share it. 

We don't have a feature for a mailing list. However, you can still collect email addresses using the contact page or section of your site. Once your visitors entered their information in the form, you can then check it by going to Settings > Messages. Then you can collect their information. 

I hope this helps. Have a great weekend!

Arvin (Forum Moderator) 

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