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Messy way to zoom in&out on mobile devices


I have a section with some press reviews displayed on a gallery. Obviously in the smartphone the only way to read them is to zoom in with the fingers, but every time you zoom in, the pict changes to the next one!

That's really annoying, since it makes it imposible to read. And you just leave ...

Also I have a slideshow in another section, it's really difficult to change the pictures with the arrows, since they change of position with every picture (as they box resizes everytime in mobile version), and the arrow also totally disappears and can't be seen in dark pictures. 

But! ... The worse unpredictable behavior comes when you try to go scroll down (touching the slideshow with your finger), then the pict jumps to the previous one... 

Since most people surf on mobile devices, and they spend like 30 seconds in our websites, isn't it possible to make a pleasant, easy and predecible navigation? 

Thanks a lot

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Hello David,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This will need further investigation. I will have to convert this post to a ticket and I will send you an email regarding your concern. Please check your email inbox and spam folder. To avoid confusion, this post will be locked and we will continue our conversation via email so we will only have 1 thread. 

Arvin (Forum Moderator) 

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