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Google analytics and domain name

Hello!   I upgraded my account website a few days ago, and on the same day changed my websites domain name,      also to get off of the old  .io system. however  when trying to update my google analytics, it's not recognizing it, or even able to make the connection that this change is related to my old site when doing the website update method for the analytics. So I can get to my website when I type in the full link in the search bar.  but as expected google can't find it when my name comes up in searches, only the old .io version that can't be accessed. so going into my portfolio box settings and seeing if I missed somthing,  it seems my domain name is still   and I thought it had been changed?  so I'm pretty confused on what I might be missing here and doing wrong.  at the moment I'm pretty stuck. 
any help would be much appreciated thanks!
  if you need any screen grabs to see some what I'm dealing with I'd be happy to send some. 


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Hello Paige! 

Good day! Thank you for posting. 

Upon checking, one of my colleagues already answered your inquire regarding Google Analytics and Google search results via email. Please check your email inbox and spam folder. 

Cheers, Arvin (Forum Moderator)