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Slideshow porfoliobox 4

Hi all, how can i set up slideshow (timming etc.) in slideshow template portfoliobox 4? Thanks


Thank you for posting. I'm sorry, but the auto-slide feature has been removed in the new version as it affects the performance of the website both in desktop and mobile version. You will have to manually click the arrows to move to the next image.

Arvin (Forum moderator) 

Thank you for your answer. Would it be possible to transform the website from portfoliobox 4 to portfoliobox 3? I really need to change my images automatically...


As I can see, the account connected to your current email is in Portfoliobox 3. Do you have another account in Portfoliobox 4 that is created with a different email? I'm sorry, but it is not possible to downgrade the version of any account (from Pb4 to Pb3). 

For Portfoliobox 3 version, you can view the slideshow settings by going to the gallery page where the slide show is and on the second panel, click Slideshow Settings.

I hope this helps. Have a good weekend! 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)