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Password Protect a page

 Under the last platform of portfolio 3 this option was availble and a bonus to protect our work, being able to give access to those whom we wanted, and deny those who we did not. Now under the guise of this new platform whislt there have been some improvements others have been forfeited. Myself and others interested would happily go back to the former platform for simplicity of use.

Surely a simple addition of this code could be added, to the body or something equally simple that would work.

function passWord() {
var testV = 1;
var pass1 = prompt('Please Enter Your Password',' ');
while (testV < 3) {
if (!pass1)
if (pass1.toLowerCase() == "agreedaccess") {
alert('You Got it Right!');'protectpage.html');
var pass1 =
prompt('Access Denied - Password Incorrect, Please Try Again.','Password');
if (pass1.toLowerCase()!="password" & testV ==3)
return " ";
<input type="button" value="Enter Protected Area" onClick="passWord()">

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Thank you for sharing your reason for needing the password protection feature.

I still think that client gallery fits your needs. Yes, it doesn't have a main page where you can categorize 5 galleries. However, you can create 5 galleries in it but you need to send the link separately from each gallery to your client. Your client should receive 5 links for 5 galleries. If you need to add 1000 images, you can do it if you upgrade your account to Pro plus version. This version offers 5000 image quota for the client gallery. 

As for sharing to social media, can you give me more information? I think you are referring to normal gallery. The client gallery doesn't have an option to share. Can you send me a screenshot of the social media option you are referring to? 

Currently, we don't have a log in system where your visitors can register an account and log in to view your website. 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)

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Thank you Arvin, for this. No problem to upgrade to the Pro Plus version, as the monthly rates Portfoliobox charges are very favorable. But I am not convinced yet this will work for us. So, please can we elaborate on this. By the way, you were right about the social media, it was on the normal gallery.

One more question to zoom in on the client galleries: If we create a client gallery and send a link to a client, can we later update this gallery with new images, every time we add new designs? Ideally, we would need a basis client gallery that we keep updating every week with new images, then we should be able to send links to all our clients who can browse, select and comment, but without clients seeing these interactions from each other...But I guess that's why I am asking for a login/client account for the normal gallery..


You're most welcome! 

Sure! You can update your client galleries anytime and it will reflect immediately. For example, you shared a client gallery to specific client with 5 images. Then you updated it and added 1 more image. If that client checked the gallery again, then he will now see 6 images including the new one that you've added. Your clients will only see the comments inside the client gallery but they won't know who it was since the email of the one who commented will only be visible to you. If someone commented on a specific image, you will receive a notification via email. 

I hope this helps! 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)

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