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BLOG Portfoliobx 4 - different views?

Hello there,

I have been checking out the Blog section in the new Portfoliobox 4 version. I wanted to ask if the blog posts can be showed in a different way? Thumbnails, thumbnails with text? Right now it looks like it is not available - there is just full article view, one by one, endless scrolling down, or am I missing something?

Will you be adding this feature on the blog post page for the users to check out other blog entires? For example the "previous post" or "similar articles", or "this might also interest you"?

I understand that this is not a blogging website, however, perhaps at least the different articles layout options could be available soon?

Thanks for your feedback!


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Hello Weronika,

Thank you for your suggestions and understanding. As of now, this are the only available templates that we have but we will have more updates in the future. Portfoliobox 4 is new so there is more room to grow. 

I will forward your suggestions to our development team and hopefully, it will be included in the future updates.

As for similar articles, you may use tags for this. Add the same tags on similar articles to group them together. This way your visitors can click the tag and all post with that tag will show up. 

Arvin (Forum Moderator) 

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