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New website, version 4 issues.

Hi folks, im currently building the website so I can benefit from the new features of version 4, even though its a real pain to have to do so.

I have to say I don't think its as user friendly as the previous version 3 to create, and there doesn't seem to be any decent help menus as in version 3. Only a 30 min video covering very basic things.

I was given a code to transfer my subscription over to the new version. I use the PRO so I can upload 500 images. I have 206 images uploaded so far, but now its suddenly telling me ive reached my Product Quota (which I haven't)  and that I need to upgrade again? I am paid up until 2021. So im now stuck waiting for assistance....

1. Also I can see nowhere to upload my Paypal details?

Does the new version even run Paypal, or only Stripe???

2. How do I link my social media to the new version? can find any option to upload links as in the previous version.

Feeling frustrated with the whole process now to be honest.


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Hello Steve! 

Glad to hear from you again :) I hope you're doing well. 

1. You were asked to upgrade because your product quota has reached its limit. I only based this on your screenshot as I cannot locate your account using the email you are using here. The product quota for the pro account is only 10 and there's no problem with the image quota. 

2. Yes, I'm sorry but we only accept stripe for payment option in the new version. 

3. For social media icons or links, please follow these easy steps to add them: 

a. Hover over any element on your site and click the pencil icon.

b. Select "Add element below" option and select Social Media links. 

c. There will be text links created afterward. Click the pencil icon beside the links and select "Icon style & Behaviour" if you want to change it to icons. 

d. To set up the links, please hover over the link again, select the pencil icon and this time select "Change content".

e. Click "Add social link" button to add the link that you want to use. 

In case you want to move the social media links, you can hover over the social media links again and click the pencil icon. This time select "Size, Margin, & Positions" and select Rearrange elements. You can drag and drop the element and place it where you want it to be. 

I hope this helps Steve! Stay safe and have a good day! 

Cheers, Arvin (Forum Moderator)