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Portfoliobox 4.0

Pb4 is similar in functionality to PB4 but has become more cumbersome with the new admin panel:

- where can I set the hover effect for thumbs?

- a sticky menu doesn't seem to be possible anymore, neither desktop nor mobile. is there still a way to create such a sticky menu?

-it seems that you can't create the mobile menu anymore (toggle - hamburger) , no sticky menu for mobile possible ?


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Hello Tahar,

Thank you for your post. It is understandable that using the new version might be a bit confusing at first, but we are adding more information to the knowledge base to help you and the other users to get more familiar with the new version much quicker. You can find the knowledge base for the new version by checking out this link - Please note that we are still adding more articles in it as we are still in the beta phase. 

  1. Do you mean the hover effect for the title and description of your image? If yes, please follow these easy steps:
    • Go to the page where the image is uploaded. 
    • Make sure that there's an image title and description added to it. 
    • Right click on the image. 
    • Select "Title Size & Styles".
    • Click the drop-down menu and select "Cover" for hover effect.

  2. Sorry, but the sticky menu feature is not available for now.

  3. The hamburger menu is still there but it's not sticky menu by default anymore. The good news is, we now have a separate settings for the mobile menu which you can find by clicking the Pencil icon located at the right end of your menu link and then select "Style in Mobile". (Note: This feature is only available to Pro and it is available to all elements of your site). We also have a new feature called "Mobile Preview" which you can find at the bottom left corner of your page and this feature is available in both Free and Pro users. 

I understand that you might be comparing the new and old version. You might be thinking that the newer version doesn't offer the features in the old version. This might be the case for now as we are still in the beta phase state. Meaning we are still implementing and still adding a lot of features in the new version so this is the time to give us your suggestions. I will send the sticky menu for both mobile and desktop version as a suggestion to the dev team for further consideration. 

I hope you understand, have a good day Tahar! 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)