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Site Cannot be Reached Also 504 Gateway Time-Out

My website is inaccessible and trying to edit it produces errors. Please help I'm a student with job/internship applications currently being reviewed. Some companies are coming to my school this week. I understand things like this happen but it's pretty upsetting I'm not getting a quick response. I really like this website but I'm going to have to make a temporary portfolio elsewhere. But I can't change the applications I've already sent in. Please respond when you can. 

Thank you

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I cannot help, but I have also had this problem today. It resolved itself within a few hours and my site was accessible and fine, but nonetheless it really gave me a scare because I'm in the same situation you're in. Sorry this is happening! 

Thanks for the heads up. I just checked it and it seems to be working. Yeah portfolio reviews are really stressful but if it doesn't load then you for sure don't have a chance. Thank you for the supportive message! Good luck with everything.  :)

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Please accept our sincere apologies, we have experienced a small glitch but everything is fixed now. The admin and live version of your sites should be working now. Let us know if you still can't reach or log in to your site so we can further investigate.


Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Have a good day! 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)