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Loop videos

For videos directly uploaded to our library: can you add an option to let them loop once the viewer clicks them? 

I have short videos I make for instagram stories and such that I'd like to feature in my portfolio. Having them play once and stop feels a bit weird because they're so short. A loop option would improve that a lot. Playback would stop once the viewer clicks the video (pause) or closes the box.


Awesome, Arvin!

Looking forward to any updates on this matter.

Thanks for the time, have a great day!

Hello Pedro,

Good day! Thank you for your post. 

Currently, the autoplay feature only works in GIF files. I think your suggestion about autoplay option for videos is very good since this will give our users more room to customize the videos in there website. I will pass this as a suggestion to our dev team so they can discuss if it is possible to add it in the future updates. 

Have a good day Pedro! 

Cheers, Arvin (Forum Moderator)

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