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Blog post section pages

Would be great to have the ability to create blog posts but using the section pages functionality. Probably all the functions of the sections page is a little overkill, but some features would be great.

Inserting multiple images and them looking good throughout blog posts on different screens and devices is really hard right now. 

So I mostly just want to insert 'gallery section' slideshows and thumbnails into my blog posts in different places. Would also be good to use the section page's 'blog section' to promote other blog posts at the end of each blog post. A 'menu section' to guide through long blog posts would be good. And 'service section' or 'product section' could be useful if a blog post is about a particular service or product.

Hello Gareth! 

Thank you for sharing your feedback and suggestion! I'm very sorry but for now, only the Section page can provide the features that you are looking for. You can create two separate blog page for Services and Products then you can promote it by linking it in the blog section. For a menu to navigate long posts, this can also be done using the Menu section - slide effect

I will forward your suggestions about the blog page to our developers so they can consider it while developing the newer version of Portfoliobox. Rest assured that the blog as well as the overall tool in the new version of Portfoliobox will offer more Flexibility. 

I hope this helps! Enjoy your day Gareth! 

Arvin (Forum moderator)

Okay, well thanks anyway.  Hopefully the new version of Portfoliobox makes the blog more useable. If you need any beta testers for an updated version, sign me up.

Hi Gareth,

Let me forward your contact to my colleague who is responsible for the product testing and she will be in touch with you, thanks much for showing your interest in the new version!

Ainsley (Forum Moderator)

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