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Please make zoom-able thumbnails in eCommerce and the ability to save a product as a template for adding additional products

For example, if you hover over the thumbnail, it could automatically zoom in a bit to give the viewer or potential buyer a better look what they're possibly buying. Like on - or a wordpress plugin for woocommerce. 

And is there anything in the works to save a product as a template to make it easier to add additional products, without having to retype all of the pricing or info? 

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Hello Mavourneen, 

Thank you for your suggestion, I think these are really good features that will help us enhance our users experience. I will relay this to our dev team and hopefully, it will be implemented in our future updates.

For now, there's no option to create a product template or duplicate product details but we have a feature that will allow you to have the same price on all your products. This way you don't have to rewrite each price for each product, you can do this by selecting the option "Same Price On All Products" on your product page.  

Regarding the zoom in effect, we can only give you a workaround for now. What I can suggest is to set the Product viewer on your product page to "Slideshow thumbs". This way you can upload multiple images for a specific product and it will be displayed below the default image, you can upload zoomed images of the product or a different angle depending on the product. This will give your visitors more options to check your product. Here's an example: 

I hope this helps, have a good day Mavourneen! 

Arvin (Forum Moderator)

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