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Uploading Images with Description

Hello Team, 

I've just started to post blog posts on my website. I chose the Plain Text layout (the present blog layouts don't fit my needs) and am unable to upload a photo with description. 

I first tried uploading an image within the text box and there was an error. It says the the URL is missing. I've attached screenshots below. 

The customer support team has been great and suggested that I add an image block but I can't add a description there. 

Is there a way I can add an image with description on the text pages?  

(95.8 KB)

Hello Sushmita,

Thank you for posting! I checked our records and as I can see one of my colleagues already gave a solution to your problem. I hope that helps! 

As an alternative, you can create a section or gallery page instead of a text page for your blog post. Using a gallery page will be easier for you to add image title and description. Gallery page also have a content section where you can add the contents of your post. 

For the section page it is more flexible because you can add almost all pages as a section. Example. you can add a gallery section and then text section or you can add a text section and select the template where the image will be on the left and the text will be on the right. 

There are some things that you need to pay attention to when using the section page such as:

Menu section - You can create your own menu in the section page and disable the default menu.

Social Media section - The default social media on your admin panel will not show up in the section page. You will have to create a Social Media section to link your social media in the section page. 

Here’s an example for both Gallery and Section page:

Gallery page (Even rows template) - for image title and description, you can add it by clicking the image > click the pencil icon > add the title/description of the image:

Section page (both text sections) - for image title and description it will depend on what page section will you use:

Cheers, Arvin (Forum Moderator)

Thanks, Arvin. 

I was hoping for a simpler answer. I do appreciate everybody's help. 

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