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Popup form support

I would like to be able to introduce a popup form to increase customer engagement - currently there seems no way to do this. 

Hello Paul,

What a great suggestion you gave! A customisable pop up message definitely could improve customer engagement, help you deliver important messages and offers to your site visitors. I will let our developers know about this and they will look into the possibility of adding this feature to Portfoliobox :)

Have a great weekend Paul! 

Cheers, Arvin (Forum Moderator) 

Any news on this Arvin? I will probably have to move to another site builder if this cant be achieved soon :(

Hi Paul,

I have checked with our development team. Unfortunately we will not be implementing the popup form feature. I am sorry to disappoint you. The workaround that I can suggest is to create a section page and add a form section, like this example page.

The section page doesn't have to be a long one like the example and you can re-arrange the sections so the form would appear near the top of the page.

I understand that this is not exactly what you're looking for and we will be sad to see you leave!

Ainsley (Forum Moderator)

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