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Optimal image size and format (exporting from mac)


I wish my photos are both good-looking and quickly uploaded by the web user.  I have a mac and export my images from the Photos to Finder and finally to As non professional photographer I have some problems in choosing the image format and size    . 

I would be happy to hear what size + format are you selecting when exporting your photos, like: 

-  jpg or the other formats: tiff/ png? 

- If jpg, do you choose the maximum quality?

- What size are you using: small, big, maximum or your own? 

If you have a better way to export the images, pls tell. 

Thanks :-) 

P.S.  I have noticed the color profile should be sRGB and width or length less than.. 

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Hello Johanna, 

Thank you for posting! There are many ways to improve the quality of images in Portfoliobox:

  • Before uploading
  1. Portfoliobox accepts images in PNG, JPG or GIF format and a file size that will not exceed 12MB.  (You can save the image in maximum quality for as long as the size of the image will not exceed 12MB)

  2. For size, we highly recommend that you upload images that are 1920px or smaller in width or height.

  3. Make sure to save the images in sRGB format. (Select save for web in the Image editing software that you are using)


  • After uploading

            You can adjust the speed and quality of your images by going to Settings > General tab > Website section > Image quality

                -1 value means that your image quality will be decreased but the loading speed of your site will be faster. 

                0 value keeps an optimal balance between loading speed and image quality

                1 value will improve the image quality but will slow down the loading speed of your site. 

Image quality and speed affects each others performance like tug of war. increasing the quality of the image means sacrificing a little bit of loading speed while making your loading speed faster will make your image quality lower. 

Having greater quality of images will make the loading speed slower because high quality images will have a larger file size. The higher the file size the more time the browser needs to upload the images and display it to your site.  

I hope this answers your inquiry. Have a great day Johanna!

Cheers, Arvin (Forum Moderator) 

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