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Viewing Sales on a Mobile phone

 I can see no way of viewing sales on a mobile phone. Which is important when away from your pc. I did mention this on the chat box several months ago and was told it was under construction. Another lady by email told me it was under the menu option.....which it isnt as far as I can see.

I still have no idea on what I have sold when using a mobile phone..? Which is important if I have to remove an item from sale if its sold.

Thanks Steve

Hi Steve,

I absolutely understand your concern - on the mobile, it is not possible to check your orders or mark the items as sold out. When an item is sold, you will get an email notification. If the item is the original or only has one copy, you will need to log into your Portfoliobox account on your mobile and remove the item from your shop if you are on the go.

This workaround is not so convenient and it would be much better if the system could mark the products as sold out automatically if there is no more stock. I will let the development team know about this.

I’m sorry that one of our support team members misunderstood your question and gave you the wrong answer about the way of viewing your sales on the mobile. 

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us here on the forum and I wish you a nice day :)

Ainsley (Forum Moderator)

Hi thanks for your reply, but here lies the problem, you say "log into your Portfoliobox account on your mobile and remove the item".... but, if I can't check my orders on the mobile site and the notification email doesn't show which one has do I know which item to remove..? I don't

This is the problem with the mobile site, I recently sold the same item twice, which is far from ideal and had an unhappy customer when I had to refund the duplicate sale.

Now if the site let you add the stock amount, and automatically mark it as sold out, when there is zero left..... that would also solve this issue.

Many thanks


Hi Steve,

It is possible to request the desktop version in your browser (e.g. Google Chrome) when you log in using your mobile and you will have access to all the functions as in the desktop admin panel. However, I do agree with you that we need to find a solution to this problem. Let me bring this up with the development team and I will give you an update by email if this is ok with you.

Thanks, Ainsley (Forum Moderator)

Thats great thanks Ainsley.

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